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TND: Basia Bulat / Midlake
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Basia Bulat goes to Midlake.


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This week on The Needle Drop, public radio's most dangerous show about independent music, we take a listen to new music from Canadian singer-songstress Basia Bulat. Her latest LP Heart of My Own is a collection of truly immediate and intimate folk pop tunes. She's a passionate autoharpist with a load of guts.

We've also got electrorock from Civil Civic, and a look at vintage folk rock with Midlake's new LP, The Courage of Others.


  • Midlake- Acts of Man
  • Midlake- Winter Dies
  • Civil Civic- Less Unless
  • Civil Civic- E8-4AH
  • Let's Wrestle- We Are the Men You'll Grow to Love Soon
  • Okapi- Aldo Kapi
  • Efterklang- Modern Drift
  • Yeahsayer- O.N.E.
  • Basia Bulat- Gold Rush
  • Basia Bulat- If Only You
  • Basia Bulat- Walk You Down
  • Basia Bulat- Heart of My Own
  • Basia Bulat- If It Rains

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