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The Needle Drop: 05-22-10
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The Fall releases a new album, and some undeniably good dance rock from LCD Soundsystem.



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Starting off the show this week, it's Texan garage rock from a trio known as "Harlem." This band's rough and tumbled sound should win the hearts of anyone down for some mangled guitars and cynical lyrics. On the surface, these guys may appear amaturish, but they can put together a mean hook.

We've also got tracks from the Fall's latest record, Your Future, Our Clutter. This band is one of the longest running acts in post-punk music, and they've sound stronger than ever as they close in on thirty studio albums.

To close up shop, it's LCD Soundsystem's This Is Happening. Tight dance grooves, heavy synthesizers, and fantastic vocals from frontman James Murphy make this one of the best records I've heard all year. It's an album that gets greater with each listen.


  • Harlem- Someday Soon
  • Harlem- Friendly Ghost
  • Harlem- Gay Human Bones
  • Harlem- Torture Me
  • Harlem- Number One
  • Harlem- Poolside
  • The Fall- OFYC Showcase
  • The Fall- Funnel of Love
  • Ratatat- Party With Children
  • Woods- Mornin' Time
  • Woods- Time Fading Lines
  • LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yrself Clean
  • LCD Soundsystem- You Wanted a Hit

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