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An Interview with Chad Vangaalen

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A chat with a Canadian songwriter's experimental alter ego.


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I recently spoke with Chad Vangaalen, but not the one most people know. It wasn't Chad Vangaalen, the Polaris Prize-nominated singer/songwriter, or Chad Vangaalen, the recording engineer for Women's self-titled debut. The person I was talking to was Black Mold: a musical mad scientist alter ego.

Fans shouldn't be afraid to dive into this side project, though. We're not talking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This experimental side of Chad has always made its way into his singing and songwriting in the form of prepared instruments, homemade synths, and other do-it-yourself creations. Black Mold is just that side pure and unfiltered.

Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz is Black Mold's first widely available release, and it's a 19-track peek into the project's many sounds. In this interview, Chad talks about making the music, and claims he doesn't even know why he likes electronic music.

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