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NATURE: The Vanishing Lions
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The king of the savannah faces an uncertain future


Male lion in Moremi National Park


The Vanishing Lions

Aired Sunday, July 5 at 8 p.m. on CPTV

Africa's lion population appears to be declining at an alarming rate. Recent estimates put the number at no more than 30,000 - and possibly fewer - in contrast to the 100,000 or more believed to have existed in the early 1990s. What could be endangering the king of beasts?

NATURE explores this question and finds both disturbing and encouraging answers in “The Vanishing Lions,” narrated by actor Peter Coyote.

"The huge wildlife preserves created in the late 20th century curtailed the safari hunters who were decimating the lion population, but the decline in numbers has continued anyway," says Fred Kaufman, executive producer of NATURE. "Our film examines this troubling development, looking for explanations and solutions."

Cameras follow big cat experts, conservation officials and Masai herdsmen for an understanding of how lions are faring in the wild and how they interact with human society. Film locations include Kenya's famed Masai Mara preserve on the Serengeti Plains, the Laikipia region of northern Kenya, Nairobi National Park and elsewhere in Africa.

As in countless other places around the world, in Africa a growing human population is creating problems for wildlife, including the lion, sometimes in completely unexpected ways. Learn more...

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