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NATURE: Unforgettable Elephants
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Real drama


Dionysus with his with family, Amboseli National Park, Kenya.


Unforgettable Elephants

Aired Sunday, December 28, at 8:00 p.m. on CPTV

On the grassy Kenya savannah beneath the snowy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, filmmaker Martyn Colbeck has filmed and photographed elephants for nearly 20 years.

He patiently earned the trust of a matriarch named Echo and her offspring and, with that trust, privileged glimpses into the most intimate moments of their lives.

Colbeck has captured nothing less than a stirring family saga spanning generations, including poignant births and deaths, carefree play and ferocious fights, reluctant partings and joyous reunions — even every mother's worst nightmare, the kidnapping of her baby.

Along with his captivating footage and stills, Colbeck shares his insights into elephants' advanced social development — their ability to communicate and cooperate, their complex emotions and strong loyalty to one another.

"I've witnessed the most incredible scenes: terrifying battles for supremacy, emotional births and even the callous kidnapping of a youngster," he says. "Unexpectedly, these fascinating animals hijacked my life, and capturing them on film became my passion."  Learn more...


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