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NATURE: Horse and Rider
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"Two bodies, but one mind"


Horse and RiderHorse and Rider


Horse and Rider

Aired Sunday, August 3, at 8:00 p.m. on CPTV

NATURE explores the fascinating partnership between animal and human in Horse and Rider. “Bet Yer Blue Boons” is one of the most agile and intelligent cutting horses in the world, a true champion. “Rio,” a spectacular polo pony, is a gifted athlete able to sprint at 30 miles per hour, then stop suddenly turn on a dime. “Chamont” has the natural talent and physique of a great dressage, but also at times a timorous personality that puts a question mark on his future success. Each of these remarkable animals shares an astonishing trait: the ability to implicitly trust, and perform complex tasks in tandem with, a human partner working toward a common goal. This teaming of horse and rider is arguably the most sophisticated and intriguing example of human-animal cooperation. NATURE explores and illuminates this absorbing phenomenon in Horse and Rider. learn more...

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