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Grateful Dead - Dead Ahead
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The eclectic rock band performs "Lost Sailor" and more tunes in Radio City Music Hall in 1980.



THU 6/5/2014

9:30PM on CPTV
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The luminous performances on Dead Ahead, filmed on October 30th and 31st of 1980, captured the Dead at a moment of transformation, when the band took a reckoning of their history through the lens of a marathon run of shows. Recorded in one of the wonders of the modern world - Radio City Music Hall - the performances on Dead Ahead marked the culmination of a month long musical odyssey in San Francisco and New York City during which the band stretched the boundaries of over 100 songs, from the newly written "Lost Sailor" to jug-band tunes they played in coffeehouses like "Monkey and the Engineer."

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