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Monologue for a Weary Traveler
Monologue for a Weary Traveler
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The animation of Monologue for a Weary Traveler is a collaboration between CPBN Media Lab members Hannah Woodward and Sam Hockaday. Sam brought Hannah's poem to life through a unique animation technique involving hand drawn charcoal pieces that were manipulated and photographed over a period of time.

Hannah, Author/NarratorHANNAH'S BIO
Hannah Woodward is currently a senior studying English at Muhlenberg College.  She was a member of the Summer 2009 CPBN Media Lab Staff and is from Farmington, CT.




 Sam, Artist/Animator

Sam Hockaday is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a BA in Visual Arts. He is currently a freelancer animator/producer at CPBN and resides in Vernon, CT. http://www.samhockaday.com