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A UCONN Professor has been place on administrative leave while authorities are investigating sexual misconduct allegations.

The former head of the music department, identified as Robert Miller, was placed on leave and barred from the Storrs campus on June 21st following reports of sexual assault of minors.

Miller has not been charged with any crime, though the university is paying an outside law firm to investigate the accusations against Miller.

Allegations include sexual misconduct and improper physical contact with boys at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford as well as inappropriate physical contact and attempts at contact between Miller and university students.

According to Attorney General George Jepson’s office, "Some of the allegations that were presented to [the] UConn [police department] in 2013 were allegedly received by a department head in 2011 but there are questions as to whether appropriate action was taken prior to 2013."

In 2011, the university approved a new sex abuse reporting policy which required “virtually all university employees, except those who hold a statutory privilege, to report any sexual assault of a minor that they saw or received a report of”.  

Despite this new policy, supposed allegations against Robert Miller made as early as 2006 were not properly addressed.

In an e-mail sent to Students in the Music Department, Uconn Dean of Fine Arts Brid Grant advised students that they would not be allowed to contact Miller for any academic reasons including grades, projects, or class ensembles. 

Further news on the status of Miller’s case have not been released.

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