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Gov. Perry's Job Recruitment In CT
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Texas Governor Rick Perry visited Connecticut to round-up local companies for the lone star state.

Hartford Courant Blogs reports Perry is shopping for firearms firms, of course, as Connecticut and New York fight each other for the right to claim the nation’s strictest gun control laws.

The new legislation has Connecticut gun manufacturers considering packing up and leaving the state.


During his visit in the northeast, Perry stopped here at Max’s Restaurant before touring thye Colt manufacturing plant in West Hartford.


Colt President and CEO Dennis Veilleux issued a statement saying Perry assured the company it would "always be welcome in Texas."


When questioned by WFSB reporter Susan Raff what he was prepared to do for these companies, Perry replied: “Oh I think we are in the early stages of conversations. This is a process. Don’t expect me to announcing anybody relocating in the next seventy-two hours.”


During the remainder of Perry’s visit these million dollar ads will continue to air discussing why companies should move to Texas.


“Texas is investing in breakthrough research that will change the world. Texas gives small businesses like mine an opportunity to grow. Texas is calling, your opportunity awaits.”


This is the latest we have on this story...Reporting for METAMEDIA, I’m Ivan Roman


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