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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Dancing Men
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In this episode:

What is the code of the dancing men?


Is the message a code?Is the drawing a code?


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Dancing Men

Aired Saturday, May 24 at 11:00 p.m. on CPTV


What would most people make of this childish-looking scrawl:

The Dancing Men
…or more to the point, what does Sherlock Holmes make of it?

"As you are aware, E is the most common letter in the English alphabet..."

Sherlock Holmes (dialogue from The Dancing Men)

Mr. Hilton Cubitt of Ridling Thorpe Manor in Norfolk submits this very question. The little dancing men are at the heart of a mystery which seems to be driving his young wife Elsie to distraction. He married her about a year ago, and until recently, everything was well. Will Holmes solve this riddle before there is a tragedy? read The Adventure of the Dancing Men by Arthur Conan Doyle... story description from wikipedia...


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