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Life 3.0
Life 3.0
by Brandon Murray & Jessie Sawyer
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Jobs and the Giant Peach....of Unemployement - 08/17/2010
The United States Congress passed an extension of jobless benefits last month. Storms raged in the Gulf of Mexico and oil sloshed on the shore. Fishermen were busy cleaning up the oil and Congress was busy playing government. Where, though, were the young people? Ben Bernanke, the chairma... read more
The Soup Scoop - 04/28/2010
When I was hostessing at the restaurant this weekend and running the takeout counter, an elderly gentleman came to pick up his bucket of chowder. As he waited for me to give him his change, he gave me something: a job offer. He is in his 40th year as the owner of a little jewelry stor... read more
Always Be On Your A-Game - 04/28/2010
I went to get my glasses readjusted the other day and got to talking to the assistant helping me. He was a recent college grad like myself and he had graduated from UCONN with a degree in business, looking for a job in insurance or banking. Unfortunately, he noticed that a lot of local b... read more

The state of Connecticut, like many other states in America, is looking to find the resources and opportunity to educate their graduating high school seniors in their home state. It is a business of opportunity and provides incentive for state universities to admit Connecticut natives and guarantee a future of young, educated workers for generations to come.

Recently, I graduated cum laude from the University of Connecticut after only three and a half years with degrees in English and Philosophy. I spent some early time in college at a private university on Long Island, but came back to Connecticut to pursue a liberal arts degree that I could get at UConn without the hassle of travel and cost. UConn provides a great experience both socially and academically at their Storrs campus and I have thousands of positive memories to carry with me through new times to come.

The summer before my final semester at UConn, I interned at CPTV with the corporate communications department and had a fabulous experience writing press releases, the weekly e-newsletter for CPTV. I gained the insight and knowledge that I could apply my love of writing to a more professional and structured style of writing.

After my semester off from college, I began a Master’s in Literature program at the University of New Hampshire. The program is intense it is helping to expand and rework the tools I learned in both high school and college in Connecticut. I will only be in the program for about two years and then I will begin the search, again, for employment and opportunity in the Nutmeg State. I hope to share my insights and experience in the posts that follow.

-Brandon Murray


I am a recent Bates College graduate with an English major, Spanish minor, and creative writing concentration. I am currently unemployed and am seeking a job in television/film production/screenwriting, public relations, communications, journalism or publishing. In my five years as a journalist for The Hartford Courant, the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network Media LabThe Bates StudentThe Exception Magazine, and The Voice, I have interviewed esteemed individuals such as actor Patrick Dempsey, former members of Dispatch Pete Francis and Braddigan, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Elizabeth Strout, former The Bachelorette contestant Ben Sands, and former Democratic National Committee treasurer Peter Kelly. I also freelance for The Torrington Register Citizen, do freelance book publicity for Erica Manfred (author of He's History, You're Not: Surviving Divorce After Forty), and intern for Mazzarella Media, assisting with productions, script editing, and auditions. My passion is writing, and so came this blog for others like me who are unemployed recent college graduates looking for their big break in this economy to pursue their dream jobs and maintain optimism despite job search woes.


 - Jessie Sawyer