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INDEPENDENT LENS: Abduction - The Megumi Yokota Story
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An amazing story you will never forget...


The Yokota family before Megumi was abducted: Shigeru Yokota (father), Megumi Yokota (daughter), Sakie Yokota (mother), Tetsuya and Takuya Yokota (twin brothers).The Yokota family before Megumi was abducted: Shigeru(father), Megumi(daughter), Sakie(mother), Tetsuya and Takuya (twin brothers).


Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story

Airs Thursday, June 20 at 10:00 p.m. on CPTV

This is the true story of Megumi Yokota, a 13-year-old Japanese girl abducted on her way home from school in 1977. For 20 years, her desperate parents had no idea what had happened to her or if she was even still alive. Then one day, the whole world learned the shocking truth. Complete with bizarre twists and an outcome no one could ever predict, ABDUCTION is a heartbreaking, tantalizing mystery full of spies and international intrigue that is still being unraveled today. Hailed as an “extraordinary work of narrative mastery” by the Los Angeles Times and “engrossing” by The New York Times, ABDUCTION has won six festival awards and has been shown in 22 countries, including Japan, where its theatrical release lasted more than 25 weeks.

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