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GREAT PERFORMANCES: Martina McBride (preview)
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The small town girl with the big voice on her GREAT PERFORMANCES debut.


Martina McBride

Aired Saturday, November 1, at 11:00 p.m. on CPTV

Here's how the country superstar got her start and the events that helped launch her career, from David Freeland's profile in BAKER'S BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF POPULAR MUSIC.

"As a child country performer in Kansas, McBride sang regularly with her father's band. After graduating from high school she spent years working her way into the music industry, receiving a break through the influence of country superstar Garth Brooks. First selling T-shirts for Brooks during his concerts, McBride eventually became his opening act. Although McBride's 1992 debut album, THE TIME HAS COME, brought critical acclaim, it was the follow-up, THE WAY THAT I AM (1993), that made her a country star."

Watch Martina McBride perform "Happy Girl," which was featured on her triple platinum 1997 record, EVOLUTION, and reached #2 on BILLBOARD's Country Singles chart. Find all the numbers from her first concert special on the series in the song list, and vote for your favorite McBride song in the poll

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