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FRONTLINE: The Choice 2008
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The story of two unlikely contenders and what they have to say about America.




The Choice 2008

Aired Monday, November 3, at 9:00 p.m. on CPTV

It is one of the most memorable presidential elections in decades. It is a race that pits the iconoclast John McCain against the newcomer Barack Obama; the heroic former prisoner of war against the first African-American major party nominee. For two hours, the 20th anniversary broadcast of “The Choice” examines the rich personal and political biographies of these men and goes behind the headlines to discover how they arrived at this moment and what their very different candidacies say about America. “This is a moment where people are both terrified and also hopeful,” says "the Choice" producer Michael Kirk. “They have a choice between two extraordinary candidacies, two men who are trying to embody change in a time where many Americans seem to believe partisan dysfunction has curtailed the ability of our political parties to lead.”

As journalist Matt Bai concludes, “Both of them in what they convey to voters — one in a long career spanning decades, the other in a lightning flash of a career spanning what seems like minutes — [is] a sense of breaking with the status quo, a sense of change, a sense that things need to be done differently than they’ve been done before. And the question I think a lot of voters will have to ask themselves is, who’s actually going to deliver?” Learn more...

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