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Front & Center With Ray Hardman
CPTV & WNPR Public Affairs Talk Show
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Interesting newsmakers and intriguing personalities in politics, sports, arts and culture are the focus of Front and Center with Ray Hardman, Connecticut Public Broadcasting’s half-hour talk show that airs on both CPTV and WNPR.

The weekly series feature two in-depth interview segments or, when the guest and topic warrant, the entire half-hour is dedicated to one interview. Either way, this series delves into the lives and experiences of guests in unexpected ways, offering insightful and memorable interviews.

Not your typical public television show, Front and Center is hosted by Ray Hardman, an award-winning broadcast journalist. Hardman brings his own intellectual curiosities, artistic sensibilities and personal passions for what’s happening in Connecticut and beyond to Front and Center. His extensive news and public affairs experience – combined with a passion for the arts and personal justice – lead to questions that always get to the heart of the matter.

Front and Center with Ray Hardman was developed as part of Connecticut Public Broadcasting’s longstanding mission to provide programs that inform, entertain, educate and inspire the communities it serves in Connecticut and beyond. “We want to take this show beyond the traditional talk show or public affairs program, and offer something that’s different and thought-provoking,” said Jay Whitsett, vice president of programming for CPTV.

“One of the real pleasures in life for me is to hear a good story. I am truly fascinated by people and the stories they tell. Many times, their experiences influence and teach us in subtle and not so subtle ways,” Hardman said.

“Like most public television viewers and public radio listeners, I am curious about so many things, not just politics and the news of the day,” Hardman said. “Things like culture, sports and the arts say a lot about who we are as a society, and, in my opinion, are well worth exploring in a talk show format. There a million stories out there... I am very excited to have the chance to share my curiosity with CPTV viewers and WNPR listeners.”

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