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Video Game Violence
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In this episode:

Ray and his Guests examine Video Games and  Violence


Remember Pong?Remember Pong?From the dawn of video games, violence and addiction have been an fundamental part of the gaming experience. Maybe you pumped quarter after quarter into the pac man machine, where a yellow character chased down and ate ghosts, all the while avoiding being eaten.

Scene from Grand Theft AutoScene from Grand Theft AutoHere we are thirty years later, and as video games become more realistic and more involved, the violence depicted in these games has also become amazingly realistic. But does the violence in these games lead gamers to act out that violence in the real world? Should the government step in and put a stop to violent video games? And has this issue become too politicized? Joining the discussion is


Dr. Roger Desmond is a Professor, School of Communications, University of Hartford; He has written extensively on the media and children

Hal Halpin, President of the Entertainment Consumers Association, an advocacy organization for consumers of interactive entertainment.

Dr. J. Daane Logsdon is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital

and Quinnipiac University Professor of Computer Science & Interactive Digital Design Greg Garvey

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