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Super Tuesday Preview
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Ray and political analysts look at the race for U.S. President.


On February 5th, the race for president hits a major milestone with Super Tuesday, a day where 24 states, including Connecticut, hold their primaries and caucuses. For many candidates Super Tuesday will be a serious reality check, and almost assuredly thin out the field of presidential contenders.

(l. to r.) Bill Curry, Dean Pagani, and Susan Bysiewicz(l. to r.) Bill Curry, Dean Pagani, and Susan BysiewiczOn the next Front and Center with Ray Hardman, a preview of Super Tuesday. Who will move on, and who will finally concede defeat? Could Connecticut’s relatively small number of party delegates make a difference in this hotly contested race for President? What issues are Connecticut voters concerned about this election year? Joining Ray Hardman will be former Clinton Administration counsel, Hartford Courant columnist Bill Curry, former Chief of Staff to Governor John Rowland, Dean Pagani,  and Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.

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