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Special Session on Criminal Justice Reform

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Lawmakers and Victim's Advocate weigh in on changes to the Criminal Justice system.


Last summer's tragic home invasion and triple homicide in Cheshire prompted state lawmakers and the Governor into a special session to revamp the state's crime laws. On the next Front and Center with Ray Hardman, we'll recap the special session on Criminal Justice. Connecticut House of RepresentativesConnecticut House of RepresentativesWhat got accomplished, and what will have to wait until the regular session next month? Will the changes fix what has been described as a broken system? Can our already crowded state prisons handle a potential influx of new inmates?

Joining the discussion is Connecticut Senate President Donald Williams, Senate Deputy Minority Leader John Kissel and the Acting State's Victim Advocate, Michelle Cruz.

Front and Center with Ray Hardman, Friday, January 25th at 6pm on WNPR, and at 8:30 on CPTV; Sunday, January 27th at 10am on CPTV; and Monday, January 28th at 11pm on CPTV.

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