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Racism on Connecticut Colleges
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F&C explores racism on Connecticut's campuses


As the United States becomes more racially diverse, racism still persists in our society.  Surprisingly, racism frequently rears its ugly head on College Campuses. “Ghetto” parties at the University of Connecticut, racist cartoons and editorials at Central Connecticut State University, and nooses at the United States Coast Guard Academy have gotten a lot of media attention; unfortunately the racism doesn’t stop at these high profile incidents. Many of the colleges and universities in Connecticut have experienced racist graffiti, racist language by students and threatening, racist phone calls directed at minority students.

On the next Front and Center with Ray Hardman, students from several Connecticut institutes of higher learning will join Ray to talk about the sometimes overt and subtle ways racism is reflected on their campuses. Does the “Ivory Tower” celebrate diversity, or segregate students into cliques and clubs of similar backgrounds? Do college administrators have a duty to weed out and dismiss racist students, and foster an atmosphere of acceptance? Should exploring and accepting other cultures and races be part of the college experience?

Also joining the discussion will be University of Hartford Sociology professor Dr. Woody Doane, who has written extensively on the issue of white racism; and University of Connecticut associate professor of Sociology, Dr. Noel Cazenave, co-author of the book Welfare Racism: Playing the Race Card Against America's Poor.

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