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Latino Socio-Economic Study
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A new study says the quality of life for CT’s Hispanics has declined recently


It’s been five years since the Connecticut Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission has taken a comprehensive look at the well-being of the state’s Latino population. This week they released their latest Latino Socio-Economic study, and no surprises – like a lot of the population, Hispanics are feeling the crunch. Among other things, the findings revealed that:

"Overall, there exist a significant number of indications that Connecticut Hispanics are currently experiencing a declining quality of life and standard of living."

Adult Hispanics that suggest they are better off financially today than two years ago dropped from 68.1% in 2002 to 50.1% in 2007.

Hispanics that reported housing was affordable dropped from 74.5% in 2002 to 51.5% in 2007.

Adult Hispanics that suggest their quality of life is better today than it was two years ago dropped from 56.4% in 2002 to 33.4% in 2007.

Joining Ray to talk about the study is Fernando Betancourt, executive director of the Connecticut Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission, the organization who commissioned the study, and State Representative Minnie Gonzalez. Gonzalez represents Hartford’s Third Assembly district and is member of the General Assembly’s Black and Latino Caucus.

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