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Hartford Curfew/Problems at Riverview
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Keeping Hartford's teen off the streets - will it deter crime?


After last weekends shootings in Hartford, including seven people who were shot at the city’s West Indian Parade, the city has imposed a curfew on teens 18 and younger. City officials hope this measure will curb the violence that has rocked Hartford this summer. On this edition of Front and Center Ray talks with Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. RobertsHartford Police Chief Daryl K. Robertsabout the violence and the curfew. Plus, Ray sits down with the State Child Advocate Jeanne Milstein. Her office recently submitted a report citing widespread problems at the state's child mental hospital Riverview, including overuse of restraint and seclusion tactics on Riverview patients, workers being injured on the job, and an inflated operating budget. The report has angry state legislators planning an investigation of Riverview and the Department of Children and Families.


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