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With summer coming how can we keep kids safe online?


It’s a disturbing trend in middle and high schools in Connecticut. A student takes a nude image of him or herself on a cell phone. Very quickly, this image spreads like wildfire through the cell phones of other students, and eventually ends up on the internet for the world to see. And just as quickly, a moment of poor judgment can forever ruin a student’s reputation. But this is just one of the perils that teens face with new technology. Online sexual predators and cyberbullying have also been widely reported, and despite the best of efforts, these dangers continue. On Front and Center, a discussion of these issues, what can be done to minimize them, and how can we teach responsible internet and cell phone use to our children. Joining the discussion is Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg, she is the state department of education’s point person on bullying, cyberbullying, and school climate improvement.

Sgt. Jim Smith from the CT State Police’s Computer Crimes Unit

And Connecticut State Representative Andy Fleischmann. Representative Fleischmann represents West Hartford in the General Assembly, and is House chair of the General Assembly’s Education Committee.


*This note - If your child has been bullied, either at school, online or via cell phone, contact Dr. Freiberg at (860) 713-6598.

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