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Congressman Chris Murphy
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Chris Murphy's First Year in Congress


Chris Murphy on "Front & Center"Chris Murphy on "Front & Center"It was just a year ago that the new Democratic majority in the U.S. House and Senate embarked on an ambitious agenda, including ending the war in Iraq. Fast-forward a year, and while congress can count some success, there was also a lot of disappointment, as a divided congress and a Republican President found little to agree on. For Connecticut’s two Freshmen Congressman, in many ways it was a baptism by fire.

On this edition of Front & Center, 5th district Congressman talks about the high and low points in of his first year in Congress, as well as the war, the home mortgage crisis, and other issues important to Connecticut. The freshmen congressmen also answers questions submitted by Front and Center viewers.

Also joining the discussion is Connecticut Senate President Donald Williams who joins us by phone from Des Moines, Iowa. Williams is with Senator Chris Dodd, who ended his bid for President after a poor showing in the Iowa Caucuses.

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