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The Beijing Olympics
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China has invested billions to impress the World. Will it work?


The Bird's Nest Stadium, BeijingThe Bird's Nest Stadium, BeijingChina has pulled out all of the stops for these Olympic games, spending billions to transform Beijing into a peaceful, clean and friendly metropolis.

China is eager to show the world who they are, or perhaps more precise, how they want to be perceived.

What’s at stake for China with these Olympics? Will the transformations in Beijing last after the Olympics? Joining Ray in the studio is Dr. Usha Haley, Professor of International Business at the University of New Haven, a research associate with the Economic Policy Institute, and co-author of the book The Chinese Tao of Business.

One of the darlings of the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta was the US Women’s Soccer team, who defeated China in the final game to take home the gold.'96 US Olympic Women's Soccer Team'96 US Olympic Women's Soccer Team Players Kristine Lilly and Mia Hamm becam household names, and inspired young girls to take up soccer. The coach for that team was Wethersfield Connecticut’s own Tony DiCicco. Ray talks with Tony about that team, his recollections of the '96 Olympics, and the lasting legacy of that team, who went on to win the World Cup in 1999.


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