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Foul Play: Episode 5
Foul Play
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Foul Play: Episode 5

Producer Jeffrey Marlowe

In this episode of Foul Play, we give our final verdict on whether or not metal bats are more dangerous than wooden bats and what you can do to protect your child

This is our conclusion based on the research and interviews that we have conducted. We encourage you to do your own research and find out all the facts about this important issue. Please leave us any thoughts you have on the series below (click where you see add new comments) or email us at videoreporter@cptv.org

Here are brief bios on all the people we interviewed for this series

Dr. Alan Friedman: Head of pediatric cardiology at Yale-New Haven Hospital and professor of pediatrics. For more information on Dr. Friedman, click here

Prof. Robert Adair: Professor Sterling Emeritus of physics at Yale University, specializing in particle physics. Adair was the official physicist of the National League under A. Bartlett Giamatti. He is author of the book "The Physics of Baseball" and is one of the leading experts in that field.

Joe Heinzmann: Vice President of the Ridgefield, Connecticut Little League. He and league voted to switch to a wood bat-only league for the 11-12 major black division in 2007 and continued the switch in 2008. Strongly believes his league shows that metal bats hit the ball harder than wood and that wood bat leagues can be just as fun as metal ones.

Wally Stampfel: Chairman of the Catholic High School Athletic Association and head baseball coach of Mt. St. Michael Academy in the Bronx. Has been a strong opponent of the New York City non-wood bat ban since its inception in 2007. Has written articles describing what he feel is an injustice in the New York Times

Rick Wolff: Radio host of "The Sports Edge" on WFAN in New York and former contributor to Sports Illustrated. Wolff has played and coached baseball at both the collegiate and professional level. Wolff is also an advocate of children's safety in sports and is the founder and chairman of the Center for Sports Parenting. For information on Rick Wolff and the his opinions on other issues in children's sports, click here

Steve Kallas: Attorney and youth activist in New York. Kallas is a common contributor on Rick Wolff's "The Sports Edge" on WFAN. An advocate of children's safety in sports, Kallas is the director of the Center for Sports Parenting.

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