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FMS: The Whole Green Catalog
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How do we make the right enviromentally friendly choices?


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From The Whole Green Catalog:

Think of the choices we can make—do make—every day as small steps, in either a positive or a negative direction. Each choice can work to benefit you, me, and our whole community—and ultimately, our global environment.

How can we make those right choices? One at a time, with the help of the Whole Green Catalog. We’ve convened thought leaders in every category—from home furnishings and appliances to clothing and children’s toys, from pets and beauty products to travel and investing— to share their authoritative tips, reviews, and advice. To share with you a wealth of green information and green ideas.

Just a few years ago, there were very few “green” products on store shelves and little or no “green” components in many of these categories; they simply didn’t exist or couldn’t compete in the marketplace. The sheer size of the Whole Green Catalog illustrates the diversity of possibility, discovery, and potential, answering such questions as: Can one go green and save money? Can people reduce their carbon footprint if they are business travelers? Is there an environmentally-friendly disposable diaper?

This catalog is a browser book. Like the original Whole Earth Catalog, which helped to define the credo of its age, this is a resource guide to a special kind of life: then, an alternative lifestyle and now, a sustainable one. It is designed for people to peruse, consult, find, and choose. And it is full of surprises and delights—on every page. Flip through, and you’ll find that it opens many doors.

Beautifully packaged with over 1,000 photographs and illustrations, and manufactured with 100 percent post-consumer waste materials, this volume is the perfect gift for anyone who cares about the future of the planet.



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