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FMS: "Rules Get Broken"
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A story of an unexpected loss and love


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Dear Ms. Middleton,

On August 17, 1980, my wife of 9 years died 17 days after she was diagnosed with lukemia, leaving me with a 3 year old daughter and an 8 month old son. My world was shattered.

In September of 1992, I began to write about her death, and the months that followed, my memoir, "Rules Get Broken", was just published by Oakley.  It's not only the story of my wife's death, but also and perhaps more importantly, the story of the untimely and unlikley relationship that followed with the young woman who lived next door.


John Herbert, Killingworth, CT


From Amazon.com:

Rules Get Broken is the true story about Peggy, John and Nancy.John and Peggy are married with two children, aged three and eight months. Peggy has also just been diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Nancy is the young woman who lived next door to Peggy and John.Rules Get Broken deals with love lost, love found, and the collateral damage along the way when society's rules are broken and demonstrates what love is.and isn't.



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