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Join Faith as she chats with her book buddies, Roxanne Cody of R.J. Julia Booksellers and Rose Quiello of Southern Connecticut State University about new releases, some classics and everything in between.  Also, a special interview with Caryl Hallberg from Covenant to Care.

(A letter from CovenantToCare.org)

Dear Friends,

Last year you may remember we took up the slack for toys in Southern Connecticut when a major toy drive in that region decided not to do Christmas that year because of economic factors affecting their organization. This year we have seen a series of toy drive dominos falling. I am personally at a loss to explain what is going on, but Covenant to Care for Children (CCC) needs help. Our matched faith partners who supply toys to their social workers and the Department of Children & Families area offices are reporting increased requests from the social workers and they are stepping up to try and fill those toy driven holiday needs. We get requests directly through our Children’s Enrichment Fund Program also. Usually, we would use toys from the various larger collections statewide who after collecting distribute to us. These are the sources that have dried up or disappeared for one reason or another.

We need everyone’s help to make small dreams come true. We currently anticipate being 1100 toys short of meeting our requests. That means that many smaller children may go without any holiday gift this year. We desperately need new in the package toys for all genders and ages of kids - toddler into the tween years. Please, please take a moment and channel your inner Santa. Purchase a new quality toy and donate it to CCC. If you have bulk, we will try to pick it up from you. If you can, it is very helpful to drop off the contributions to our Bloomfield office. 1100 toys, 1100 smiles, 1100 children, 1100 graces. Please make our holiday miracle happen!

Thank you,

Caryl Hallberg, Executive Director

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