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FMS: The Art of Robert Reynolds
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It all started with a bent nail...


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From ReynoldsArt.com:

Robert Reynolds had a love of the arts from a very young age. At three years he took up the habit of drawing with a long, bent 16d nail. He'd carry his nail around with him everywhere he went, and draw on any surface at every opportunity - his favorite being smooth, dark pebbles. Some believe this 16d nail started it all, some don't.

In addition to his own inspiration, Robert also drew his creative interest from his father and mother. During his childhood his father worked as a photographer, and watching the images appear as photographs in a swirl of chemicals on the paper was like magic for the young child, and it further increased Robert's interest in the arts. Robert's mother was also a source of inspiration, painting with him on Sundays, and together they would work to create images from oil paints on canvas. Experiencing these two seprate methods of making images appear astounded the young boy. Although his interest was originally piqued by his family, Robert also drew heavily from the changing times around him. A youth of the sixties, Robert saw the world around him changing all the time and he began to travel all over the globe. These life experiences have molded Robert and his work to this day.

In his later years Robert has found new inspiration in his own life, and new avenues of expression through the advancements of technology. Primarily a self-taught artist, he is always learning new ways of expressing his creativity. His work ranges from extremely detailed pointillism drawings, abstract oil paintings, to photography, to sculptures made from found objects. His sensitivity and receptiveness to the world around him keeps Robert's work current, while his keen sense of craftsmanship and composition makes it timeless.



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