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"A voice can sneak in, bypass the brain, and touch the heart." -Jay Allison


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Ever find yourself in your driveway, with a million things to do inside, but unable to move because you just have to hear what happens on the radio? Us too.

That’s why we’re talking about radio with people who make it—to find out what makes telling stories on the radio…well, different. Documentary producer John Biewen’s edited a new book called Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound that brings together essays from some of radio’s best craftspeople.

Today, Where We Live, we’ll talk with them about how public radio has changed and the so-called “golden era” for radio documentary. We’ll hear from producer Jay Allison, who you know from the series, “This I Believe” and Karen Michel, producer of some remarkable stories about teenage life. Call us with your ideas today.

What would you like to hear more of on public radio? What are some of your favorite radio moments? Join the conversation– leave your questions and comments below.

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