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WWL: Female Executives
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Women make up just under half of the American workforce, but for the first time in US history, they’re poised to surpass the 50% mark in the next few months. 

The last 50 years have represented an educational and professional revolution for women. Females now earn 60% of the university degrees being earned at American universities. But hurdles for women at work remain—even for women at the top of their fields. In board rooms across the country, fewer than 13% of board members are women. And a female CEO is still only compensated at 85% of what her male counterpart earns.

Many companies, though, are making progress. The National Association for Female Executives has named the top companies in the nation for female executives---and a handful of those companies are right here in Connecticut. Today, Where We Live, we’ll hear from local women executives who are business leaders in our community.

We’ll talk about how companies can attract and retain top female talent, the challenges of the current business environment, and finding the ever elusive work/life balance. Join the conversation, leave your questions and comments below.

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