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Exit Polls: Economy, War, Excitement, Change
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WNPR's Nancy Cohen and Catie Talarski talk to voters as they leave the polls.


Precint - Photo by Chion WolfPrecinct - Photo by Chion WolfVoters went to the polls around the state on Super Tuesday. WNPR's Nancy Cohen and Catie Talarski were there to get their reactions.

The Economy: An Important Issue for Voters
WNPR’s Nancy Cohen
Nancy Cohen reports that the cost of health care is what's drawing a number of people to the polls. For many who voted at Saint Christopher's School in East Hartford the economy, and especially their personal economy was something at the top of their list. Listen to her report...

Democratic Voters Ready For Change
WNPR’s Catie Talarski
The Secretary of State's office says more than 34,000 new voters have registered for this primary – more than 17,000 for the Democratic Party alone. Despite bad weather, democrats were out to vote today during this historic election. WNPR's Catie Talarski talked to voters at the United Methodist Church in Hartford. Listen to her report...

A Record Voter Turnout

WNPR's Nancy Cohen
Connecticut is one of 24 states holding primaries today. And with more than 34 thousand new voters registering in the past three months, there could be a record turn out. As WNPR's Nancy Cohen reports this is a primary many voters say they don't want to miss. Listen to her report…

Voices at the Exit Polls

WNPR’s Catie Talarski
Voters at the United Methodist Church in Hartford talk to WNPR’s Catie Talarski about issues that are important to them.
Listen to what they said...

For a slideshow of pictures from Super Tuesday, go to WNPR's Flickr page.

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