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Sheff v. O'Neill update
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Where We Live examines Sheff v. O'Neill and its impact on the state.


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Elizabeth Horton Sheff and Representative Andrew Fleishmann. :  Photo by Chion Wolf.Elizabeth Horton Sheff and Representative Andrew Fleishmann. : Photo by Chion Wolf.The landmark school desegregation case mandated a solution to long-standing racial isolation of Hartford schoolchildren. A settlement in 2003 ordered increased funding for inter-district magnet schools, an "open choice" program that would allow more minority students in the city to attend suburban schools, and inter-district cooperative programs. It was set to be refunded this year by the state legislature.

But lawmakers--unsure that the plan was actually worth the 100 million dollar investment--refused to refund it, sending the parties back to court.

Today, we'll talk with plaintiffs, parents, educators and lawmakers about what's next for the Sheff case, and the impact it will have on the rest of the state.

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