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New Hampshire Primary Recap
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The polls unable to predict democratic primary results


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Kenneth Dautrich, Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut: Photo by Lauren HouseKenneth Dautrich, Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut: Photo by Lauren HouseAv Harris and Ken Dautrich analyze the New Hampshire primary results.


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Clinton analysis on Where We Live

I began to listen to your show and was quickly annoyed
and then insulted by your commentators. What could
possibly have given Hillary Clinton the win in New
Hampshire? Was it the moment she showed emotion and
won the symapthy of the women voters? Was it that Bill
has gone on the attack? Was it some other unforeseen
variable that you just can't figure out????

How about the voters in New hampshire saw her as the
best candidate for winning the election and the only
one actually having the experience that would be a
comfort to all in the coming difficult years. How
about the women of New Hampshire said, wait a minute,
This woman has what it takes to be president and what
a great day for American women that will be.

I am not able to listen to the show right now, but I
do hope that by the end, your panelists will give her
some credit for her success......

What I going on John Dankosky, yesterday was all about
Obama and today is about what odd reason there was for
Hilary's sudden win?

A dedicated Democrat and woman.

Dorothy Beckley