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Day Two at the Festival!
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Showcasing the Interactive Festival and Conference!


 Hello everyone!

Day Two at the Festival and today I'm focusing on the Interactive Festival and Conference! This is the first year that the CT Film Festival has added an Interactive portion highlighting web animation, gaming, advocacy and free and open source software (FOSS). Located in the Danbury Arena, the area has been converted into different booths showcasing the talents of different interactive companies from across the nation. 

This morning I was lucky enough to get an interview with Rob Limbaugh, the president of the Danbury Area Computer Society. DACS is an all volunteer technological society serving Western Connecticut and the surrounding area. You can get more information about his company by visiting www.dacs.org. Mr. Limbaugh's interview can be seen in the video player below in the On Demand features. 

 John Librie, a New Fairfield native and graduate of Keene State college interviewed with me. This is Mr. Librie's first year volunteering with the CT Film Festival. Learn more about John in his interview below!

Right now I'm working in the box office, located at the City Center in downtown Danbury. Yesterday I worked as a ticket collector for the animated shorts program at the Library and the foreign drama "Boogie" at the Palace Theater. As expected, the box office was packed, as volunteers learned their duties and filmmakers were shown to their respective venues. It's a little slower right now, but as the sun sets I'm sure more people will be flooding in to get tickets for the tonight's shows! The big feature tonight is "Fados", a film exploring Portugal's most emblematic musical genre. It opens at 8:30 pm at the Palace tonight and is directed by Carlos Saura.

Tonight I'm supposed to be collecting tickets again for the programs showing at the Library between 3 and 6 pm. Both are documentaries - first at 3:30 is "More Than Skin Deep - Skin Cancer In America" and then later "I Need That Record! Death of Indie Record Stores" at 4:45. Since last night was a little hectic, I came in a little early to volunteer following my interviews and filming at the Danbury Arena. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get an interview with Karen Hunter, who works with the production company who made the film "Henry O!", so make sure you check back in tomorrow!


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