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Day Three at the Festival!
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My last day of coverage at the CT Film Festival


 Good morning everyone!

Today is my last day covering the CT Film Festival, which is running in downtown Danbury. Don't be alarmed though, the Festival continues through Sunday June 7th, so if you haven't gotten a chance to stop by, you still have the whole weekend! 

Today at 1:30 I interviewed Karen Hunter, of Rose Mountain Productions, on film. Her production company recently produced a CT Film Festival feature "Henry O!". I'll be working on editing Ms. Hunter's interview into a report on my time at the film festival, so look for that on the website by Monday night!

Following Ms. Hunter's interview I attended a seminar at the Interactive Conference called "Going Viral!". The workshop is led by J. Sibley Law of Saxon Mills and is aimed at informing people of the power of online media. After his talk, Mr. Law agreed to interview with me. 

The interview with J. Sibley Law was live at 4:00 p.m. Watch it now OnDemand.

This afternoon I secured an interview with Michael Sibay, who directed and wrote the film "The Road to Empire". This interview was also captured on film and will be part of my edited coverage that should be up by Monday. Sal Tumino, of Video Moments Production, helped me film the piece. If you're interested in seeing Mr. Sibay's film, it is playing at the festival tonight at 8:15 pm and tomorrow at 7:30 pm, so head over to the Danbury City Center to get tickets!

View our Photostream coverage below!


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