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CMS: Redundancies & Roman Coins
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How are mathematical models revolutionizing the humanities?


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One of the questions to which I return has to do with who gets to decide the truth when the facts are murky.

I've been talking to my own class at Trinity about this lately as we look at the way new crowd-driven information models like Wikipedia try to elbow out the experts. But it's as much an old problem as a new problem. There are official records which tell the stories of history and not-so-official records and -- even beyond those -- clues which may dispute some of our basic assumptions. One of our guests today is using mathematical models to develop a "science of history" -- a way of seeking new ways to answer the lingering questions of the past.

Also on the show today, as part of our series of audio essays by younger writers, Tracy Wu tells us what it's like to spend the early part of one's career working for non-profits.

And on Let Us Correct You, why redundancies drive us nuts. And crazy.

Note: Due to technical difficulties the first segment of today's broadcast is not available for podcast. We apologize for the inconvience.

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