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Why does it always seem like April is the worst month for allergies? And how can we fight them?


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Remember that 2008 movie "The Happening" where it turned out the trees were kind of rejecting us, trying to get rid of this pest, the human race. Except for Mark Wahlberg and Zoey Deschanel?

Well, it's, um, happening. The trees hate us. And they are making us very sick this spring.My son is especially miserable, so I asked -- on Facebook -- if anyone was finding relief.  The word that came back was overwhelmingly a story about Neti Pots and other alternative therapies. And I realized that, especially when it comes to something as relentless and hard to treat as allergies, we are a society of tongue-scraping, oil-pulling, ear-candling, neti-potting, tissue-cleansing, naturopathic, ayurvedic, pharma-rejecting seekers. How did this happen?

Maybe part of the issue is that the very nature of allergies suggest an out-of-sync-ness. It's not them. It's us!

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