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China's "Soft Power"
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A conversation with Josh Kurlantzick, author of "Charm Offensive".


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Josh Kurlantzick, author of "Charm Offensive".Josh Kurlantzick, author of "Charm Offensive".China is a growing economic power, that's pretty clear. But could it be overtaking the U.S. in a race for global influence? China has been trying to clean up it's image as it gets ready to host the 2008 Olympics. It's an image that's taken big hits in recent months. Beyond the continued questions of it's human rights record, a new series of scandals surrounding tainted food and toys has consumers looking a bit warily at the "Made in China" label. Add to that a growing environmental crisis, and China has all the hallmarks of a world "trouble spot." But in countries around the globe, especially in developing nations, China's influence rivals that of the U.S. Many people in poorer countries have a better view of China as a trade partner, and as a global power, than America. A new book by West Hartford native Joshua Kurlantzick looks at how this has happened. "Charm Offensive" explores how China's using so-called "soft power" diplomacy, influence and trade incentives, to take a prominent place in the world community.

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