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Since Connecticut Public Broadcasting's founding in 1962, education has always been central to our role in the communityCPBN Education and the country. Starting with our early days in the Eastern Educational Network, to our pioneering work in developing and producing children's shows including Barney & Friends and adult shows including Scientific American Frontiers for PBS, CPBN has been a vital partner in the education of the youngest and most impressionable and the most discerning grown-ups. Even our call letters signify our connection to education where WEDH stands for Educational Television in Hartford, WEDW stands for Educational Television in {S} West Connecticut and WEDN, Educational Television in Norwich.

Recording at Annie Fisher STEM Magnet SchoolHistorically, we have taught by example, with the programs we produce and air that inform and entertain. Now in a more formal sense we teach by doing. With rooms becoming classrooms and CPBN becoming a weekday and weekend learning destination for children and adults, our move back to fully embrace our educational heritage could not have come at a more critical time for Connecticut.

Since 2007, CPBN Education has impacted the lives of over 600 Connecticut children and young adults.

Educational initiatives include hands-on journalism and technical skills internships for college and post graduate students in our CPBN Media Lab and workshops, seminars and courses for middle and high school students, including the Future Producers Academy, Media 101, Young Entrepreneur and PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs.

Media 101

Graduates of our college program have gone on to Journalism school in London, the masters of arts in Journalism program at Hofstra University, in online services at CPBN and as an animation and graphics producer at CPBN, as an account executive at WTNH-New Haven, and as working journalists as the editor of the Avon Patch and as a reporter for the Journal Inquirer. CPBN Media Lab graduates are also working at A&E Networks, Hasbro Studios, Nickelodeon, Sacred Heart University, the Rachael Ray Show, TracyLocke, Taft School, Mohegan Sun, CPBN Education and CPTV Sports.

Media is Magic has been our most intensive project. It is a year long, on-site media creation program at America's Choice at SAND school in Hartford. In our first two years, the students created curriculum-based content, which more fully engaged them in the process of learning their core subjects, math, science, English and social studies. Through this process they were motivated to research more thoroughly, write more convincingly and present more clearly; skills that will aid them throughout their academic careers. This year our literacy enrichment program became a PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab, only the third in the national program of 45 labs to teach journalism and technical media creation skills to 7th grade students.

That brings us to the present where we are actively developing our most ambitious project to date, the Learning Lab at CPBN.