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Mystic- History, Boat Rides and lots of Cute Fish
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history, boat rides and lots of cute fish...


Host Jason Hawkings

 Eating CT


 Aired Saturday, January 31 at 6:00 p.m. on CPTV

 On this episode of Eating CT, From tall ships to huge flavor, Mystic  has a lot to offer and this week we're tasting our way through one of  Connecticut's most popular destinations!  This place has it all;  ice cream named after a famous drawbridge,  Italian as good as any in the old country, brand new bake shops and of course, lots of awesome seafood!  Plus, we'll take you to Sea Swirl, one of the state's most famous clam shacks and tell you something you probably never knew about the one-and-only Mystic Pizza!  And did you know that there's a haunted restaurant in Mystic?  We take you there! 

Plus, you won't believe all the new stuff that's happening at Mystic Aquarium these days and trust us, it's not what you expect!  Also, after 250 years, the oldest wooden whaling ship in the world, the Charles W. Morgan is coming out of the water and you'll find out why. Along the way, we'll take a scenic and educational boat ride on the Mystic River and stop in to say hello to the folks at the legendary drawbridge. From great restaurants to ghosts, you'll want to bring your hearty appetite, your sense of adventure and your sea legs because Mystic is this week's delicious destination!  Learn more...


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