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DTV 6.12.09
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: CPTV will be turning off WEDH Ch 24 Hartford and WEDN Ch 53 Norwich at 9 AM Friday, June 12, 2009, rather that at the previous announced time of 11:59:59 PM.  This change has been recommended by the National Association of Broadcasters and was made to better serve the Public.


Please note the following important announcements regarding CPTV Stations:

Channel 9 will be the digital channel for WEDN Norwich.  Your DTV convertor box or Digital TV will digitally identify WEDN as 53.1 for the primary service and future multicast channels may be 53.2 or 53.3.  WEDN Norwich ch. 53 analog will continue to operate until  June 12, 2009. 

WEDW Bridgeport formerly operated digital CH. 52. WEDW digital is not on the air but will resume digital operations on ch. 49 beginning Feb 18, 2009. Your DTV convertor box or Digital TV will digitally identify WEDW as 49.1 for the primary service and future multicast channels may be 49.2 or 49.3.  WEDW Bridgeport CH 49 analog will continue to operate until Feb. 17, 2009. 

WEDH Hartford is broadcasting digitally on ch. 45. Your DTV convertor box or Digital TV will digitally identify WEDH as 24.1 for the primary service and future multicast channels may be 24.2 or 24.3. WEDH Ch 24 analog will continue to operate until June 12, 2009.

On June 13, 2009 most full power television stations in the United States will operate in digital only.  During, and after the digital conversion, have your digital receiver or converter box frequently scan for new channels in your area.


How do I rescan my digital box?
Rescanning your digital box is easy. Some digital boxes and TVs rescan automatically; others need to be manually rescanned. To manually rescan you need to press “Menu” on your remote control and follow the on-screen instructions or those printed in your manual. A typical sequence is:

-Press MENU on your remote control.
-From the Menu options, select the ‘Tuning Menu’
-Select ‘Auto Setup’ or ‘Update’ to rescan your digital TV*

* also referred to as ‘Update’, ‘Retune’, ‘Replace’ or ‘Store Channels’


TV Coverage Map 

CPTV - Connecticut Public Television - Current Locations

Analog Stations
Hartford: WEDH-24
Bridgeport: WEDW-49
Norwich: WEDN-53

Digital Channels
Hartford: WEDH DT-45
Norwich: WEDN DT-9
Bridgeport: WEDW DT-49 (as of Feb 18, 2009)

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Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) is a locally and nationally recognized producer and presenter of quality public television programming. Best known for its pioneering coverage of UConn Women's Basketball, CPTV's programming department also has produced numerous documentaries about Connecticut's history and culture, as well as concert specials and informational/lifestyle programs.

CPTV also provides more children's series to the national public broadcasting system than any other public television station. The series, Barney & Friends, Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, The Saddle Club and SeeMore's Playhouse are watched by 10 million children across the United States.

Cable Television Service

Create, the new 24-hour resource for public television's groundbreaking, award-winning lifestyle and "how-to" programming, is carried on CPTV2, CPBI's cable television service. Create is a digital programming service consists of series and specials on cooking, renovating, painting, crafts, travel, gardening and other lifestyle passions.



CPTV Digital Television Basics

Digital technology is changing the way we watch television. This guide will help you understand the basics



What exactly is digital television?
Digital television (DTV) is a broadcasting technology that transforms your television viewing experience. DTV enables CPTV and other broadcasters to offer television with movie-quality picture and sound. It can also offer multiple programming choices and interactive capabilities.


Why are TV broadcasters switching to DTV?
DTV broadcast technology is more flexible and efficient than today's more widespread broadcast technology, which is called "analog."


When will the transition from analog to DTV be complete?
The deadline for the final transition to DTV is February 17, 2009. All analog broadcasts (in use for more than 50 years) will end on that date.


If I currently have an analog TV, will I need to buy a new TV after the DTV transition?
When full-power broadcast stations stop analog service on February 17, 2009, you still will be able to use your analog TV with a set-top converter box. Converter boxes for analog TVs receiving over-the-air broadcasts will be available in retail stores at that time. These boxes receive digital signals and convert them into analog format for display on your analog TV. Cable and satellite subscribers may need new equipment to receive and view DTV and high-definition programming. You should ask your provider what you will need and when.


What is High Definition TV (HDTV)?
HDTV is a type of DTV service. HDTV provides high-resolution programming in a widescreen format. A current analog TV picture can provide resolution of up to 480 horizontal lines. An HDTV picture can provide resolution of up to 1080 lines, providing improved picture detail. Aspect ratio is a comparison of screen width to screen height. Analog TV has an aspect ratio of 4 by 3, which means the screen is 4 inches wide for every 3 inches high. Widescreen HDTV format has an aspect ratio of 16 by 9. HDTV programs include Dolby digital surround sound, similar to the sound used in movie theaters and on DVDs.

For more information about digital television go to pbs.org/dtv