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Bif and Isabel Carrington in front of Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)
Downton Wedding
Go behind the scenes of a fairy tale wedding
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“It was like a fairy tale,” Isabel Carrington raved, “being in such a beautiful location.” Downton Wedding is the story about Isabel and Bif Carrington's wedding at Highclere Castle in England, the majestic manor that serves as the set for Downton Abbey.

The magic of their special day is immediately present through interviews, first together, then separated to provide for candor, accompanied by scenes from their wedding video and photographs of the couple on the castle grounds.

 We also learned that Isabel and Bif are avid fans of Downton Abbey and enjoy seeing the setting of their marriage in scenes of the show. Bif Carrington loves the show “for its content itself and the added aspect of when they walk into a room it’s nice to say I know what that feels like.”

They watch Downton together when they can and enjoy the realistic portrayal of the castle that is so special to them.- Lucy Burdge (MLAB 2012)

Isabel Carrington is the Education Director for the Warner Theatre in Torrington Connecticut. She is also a stage actress. Her husband Bif is a real estate agent with Sotheby's International and an accomplished equestrian, polo player, and stage actor.


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