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The Doctor Can't See You Now: Part 2
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Special Report on the nation's primary care shortage


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Burgdorf Health Center Doctors Bruce Gould (right) and Vishal Joshy (center).(photo: St. Francis Care)Burgdorf Health Center Doctors Bruce Gould (right) and Vishal Joshy (center).(photo: St. Francis Care)Of eight thousand primary care doctors surveyed nationally by the country’s largest physician recruiting firm, a majority said they would not choose to practice primary care again if they had a second chance. Primary Care doctors are a patient’s vital link to the entire healthcare system and are expected to coordinate their care. But much of that care is not compensated and as a result the profession is becoming less attractive to young doctors who must pay back six figure medical school loans and are more often opting to become highly paid specialists.

In the second part of our series, special correspondent Rachel Gotbaum reports on the reasons for dissatisfaction among primary care doctors in the US. Tomorrow at this time, in the final part of our series, we report on changes that aim to increase patients’ access, and relieve some of the pressure on doctors. For more information on primary care, and to join the conversation, go to our website, wnpr.org. Tomorrow at 9, Where We Live presents the hour-long documentary, "The Doctor Can't See You Now." This documentary series is part of WNPR's Health Reporting Initiative, with support from The Connecticut Health Foundation.

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