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The Doctor Can't See You Now: Part 1
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Special Report on the nation's primary care shortage


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Physician ShortagePhysician ShortageIn Connecticut almost ten percent of the primary care doctors have retired or left the state in recent years. Connecticut is one of the most expensive places to live in the country and hospitals and private practices say they are having trouble recruiting younger doctors to move here to replace those who have left.

Here - as in the rest of the nation - fewer medical students are choosing to go into primary care. The result is that a growing number of patients say they are having trouble getting in to see a doctor. In this first of a three part series special correspondent Rachel Gotbaum reports on the problem in Connecticut and nationwide of providing primary care. Tomorrow, in the second part of our series, we'll report on the reasons for dissatisfaction among primary care doctors in the US. For more information on primary care, and to join the conversation, go to our website, wnpr.org. On Friday, listen at 9am as Where We Live presents the hour-long documentary, "The Doctor Can't See You Now." This documentary series is part of WNPR's Health Reporting Initiative, with support from The Connecticut Health Foundation.

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email to [email protected]

Listening to your program this morning and reading about it on the website, my reaction is why aren't you talking about Nurse Practitioners???????????????
They are part of the solution. I believe you should be interviewing the deans of the several colleges of nursing in this state that graduate primary care nurse practitioners.
A discussion about these providers would complete the story.

Jean Walker, Nurse Practitioner, APRN, MS