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Day to Day hosts Alex Chadwick and Madeleine Brand
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Nearly three years after its 2003 launch, Day to Day has become NPR's fastest-growing new program, redefining the newsmagazine concept with hosts Alex Chadwick and Madeleine Brand.

Day to Day features NPR reporters Mike Pesca and Karen Grigsby Bates, along with other familiar NPR journalists reporting on breaking national and international news. The program's regular contributors include Michelle Singletary on personal finance; Brian Unger on culture and politics; and Xeni Jardin on technology, as well as contributors from Slate, the online magazine of opinion and analysis.

Day to Day, produced at NPR West studios in California, has more than 1.5 million listeners on 175 stations around the country, including in New York, San Diego, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Boston, and Washington, DC.

While maintaining the high quality for which NPR News is known, Day to Day also strives for a pace and a midday informality different from its morning and afternoon counterparts, with fresh voices and stories that encourage listeners to 'Come explore with us.'