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Keep 'Em Flying!
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In this episode:

A glorious tapestry of machines that fly and of the Connecticut people who made them.


This CPTV Original traces the history of aviation in Connecticut with a particular emphasis on the state's role in World War II. The one-hour documentary examines the social as well as the technical and industrial history of this important segment of Connecticut's economy.

From Gustave Whitehead's claim that he was the first to fly at the turn of the century to the development and manufacturing of powerful engines for the 707, 747 and 777 aircrafts, Connecticut’s aviation history is rich with heroic acts.

Keep 'Em Flying! is both an exploration and a celebration of the contributions Connecticut made to the development of aviation field and how it all surfaced for the world to see during World War II. A glorious tapestry of machines that fly and of the people who made them is woven through the dramatic stories of Frederich B. Rentschler, Igor Sikorsky, Charles Kaman and the tens of thousands of people who worked in Connecticut's aviation industry.


Production Credits

Producer, Writer, Director: Rich Hanley
Narrator: Will Lyman
Original Music: Bruce Zimmerman
Executive Producer: Andrea Hanson
Approximate Length: 60 minutes
Copyright: Connecticut Public Television 1995


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