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The Flood of '55
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An unforgettable story of tragedy and heroism, of lives ended and lives renewed.



Mon., 8/22/2011

10PM on CPTV
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The Flood of '55

Hurricanes and record rainfalls cause a deadly, devastating flood in August 1955

In August of 1955, Hurricanes Connie and Diane smashed into Connecticut. The storms spawned record rainfalls that transformed placid rivers into killers. During the night of August 18, 1955, and into the next morning, the landscape of nearly half of the state was ravaged and transformed. Dozens were left dead, thousands became homeless and the lives of survivors were forever changed.

Forty years later, Connecticut citizens recounted the most traumatic experience of their lives in The Flood of '55. Underscored by stunning archival film and photographs, this documentary is an unforgettable story of tragedy and heroism; of lives ended and lives renewed.

Original Broadcast: Saturday, 12/04/04 at 11:30AM


Production Credits

The Flood of '55 is a co-production of CPTV and Tele-Media Company of Western Connecticut.
Approximate Length: 60 minutes
Executive Producer: Larry Rifkin  Writer/Producer: Rich Hanley
Co-producer, Valley segment: Gary Peterson  Narrator: Charlie Bagley
Original Music: Bruce Zimmerman  Copyright: 1996 Connecticut Public Television


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