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The '60s in Connecticut
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An unflinching look at this turbulent & transformative decade through the eyes of CT residents



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MON 1/2/2011

10:00PM on CPTV
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The 1960s are defined as a time of change in the United States, and almost no other state could feel the tremors of change as strongly as Connecticut. It was a time of longstanding and evolving contradictions. Prosperity and inequality. Naiveté and disillusionment. Courage and fear.

The ‘60s in Connecticut, a new CPTV original production, takes an unflinching look at this turbulent and transformative decade through the eyes of Connecticut residents. Using interviews, historic still photographs, archival footage, as well as viewer-submitted home movies and snapshots, the one hour documentary chronicles the political upheaval, the cultural transformation, and the social changes in the state, from civil rights and the women’s movement to Connecticut’s role in the space race and the music scene.

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